Hello! I'm Charlotte, the founder & owner of the young, up and coming country clothing brand - Highland & Herringbone! 

I thought you might like to hear a bit about me, how and why H&H was created and some exciting plans I have for the future of the brand! Brew a cup of your favourite tea and make yourself comfy to take a read of our first blog post! 

Let's start from the beginning...

From a young age, I could only dream of one day owning my own business. It wasn't until the age of 19 that I embarked on what would soon become the best journey of life so far - the creation of Highland & Herringbone! Although preparations began well over a year beforehand, I decided it was finally time to launch the brand in the July of 2020. Despite having no idea how much of a success it would be during the tough times we were in, amidst the global pandemic, I took the plunge!

You are probably thinking, "Where did the name 'Highland & Herringbone' come from?". After coming up with the main brand focus and initial design ideas, it was time to think of a name! To be honest, this must have been the hardest part, coming up with something that is both relevant and available is a tricky thing. Many name suggestions later, it came to me; Highland & Herringbone, it'll both symbolise the countryside with the word 'Highland' being inspired by Highland Cattle (our logo) and being a clothing brand with the word 'Herringbone' being a well-known fabric pattern commonly used in country wear. Yes, we are yet to use Herringbone fabric in our range, but it's something I am looking to incorporate in the future.

Launching with just one style of cable-knit, our best selling Cawdor Knit (in 3 initial colours), and a selection of embroidered t-shirts, the brand started off with a small range. Over time, it became apparent that our British-made cable knit jumpers were a success, being designed and manufactured in our home county of Leicestershire. I later designed new styles, both jumpers and dresses, in the same cable knit pattern, which is where the brand took off and is becoming known for our beautiful cable knits. 

My main focus when launching H&H was to have as little impact on our environment as possible. I wanted to create a country clothing brand that supported 'slow-fashion', hence my reasoning for producing high quality garments made in Great Britain. With our knitwear being made less than 20 miles from our home office in Leicestershire, our garments are affordable, yet supportive of sustainable manufacturing. 

Time for a bit about me.

Before Highland & Herringbone was developed, I worked many different jobs, one being for a well-known motorcycle company, in their clothing department. Here I learnt aspects of the design, development and manufacturing processes within the clothing industry, along with gaining knowledge in selling via e-commerce as well as wholesale to independent stockists around the world. This is where my passion for the industry began and the idea of a country clothing brand arose.

I have grown up in rural Leicestershire, so the country lifestyle has been a big part of my upbringing. Agriculture has been at the forefront of my life, spending most of my childhood on my Grandparents pig farm (or at plenty of county shows each year showing our award-winning Welsh pigs) and riding horses since before I can remember!

Highland & Herringbone was born from a collaborated passion for both the countryside and the clothing industry and I couldn't be prouder of where the brand is today. We sell to 5 stockists across the UK and have begun attending big country shows such as the Royal Highland Show and Staffordshire County Show, with an aim to exhibit at many more next year!

Over the next year, I am embarking on a journey to become more sustainable by developing a knitwear range that is made from 100% natural yarns (in Leicestershire) - eventually becoming the core range of products available to purchase from Highland & Herringbone named 'Love Ewe'.

Stay tuned for more blog posts to come in the near future with further information about our journey to sustainability; and follow along on social media (@highlandandherringbone) or sign up to our email newsletter for exciting new products, outfit inspiration and exclusive discounts - we won't spam you with emails, don't worry!

I hope you have learnt a little more about myself and Highland & Herringbone from today's blog. Keep an eye on our website for updated blog posts. Have a lovely day!

Charlotte x


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