Cashmere & Lambswool are gentle natural fibres and take a little more caring for than alternative synthetic fabrics. Care well for your pieces and they will last a lifetime, perfect for your sustainable, capsule wardrobe. 

Take a look at our care guide below to ensure you are looking after your natural garments in the best way, it's nice and simple and not much more work than a load of washing! Caring as below will help to maintain the quality, size and hand-feel of your garment or accessory.

With natural garments, it's recommended that you store them folded in a cupboard or drawer as hanging them could stretch the garment with gravity's pull.

Please note, both cashmere & lambswool pieces are hand-wash only; I will go into detail below on the best method when washing.



Wash Care Guide

When washing cashmere, we recommend using a specialist cashmere shampoo or a non-biological, neutral soap

When washing lambswool, we recommend using a gentle wool shampoo, or baby shampoo.

Only wash your garment when you feel like it's ready to be washed. The natural fibres allow for a much longer wear than synthetic fabrics before washing as they naturally repel odours and bacteria. 

Wash in a bathtub or sink using cold or lukewarm water and the soap/shampoo best suited for the material. Gently squeeze the excess water out once washed.

To dry your garment, lay flat on a towel to avoid any changes to the shape. 

For lambswool pieces, once dry apply a gentle iron with a soft steam setting.

For cashmere pieces, once dry apply a gentle iron on a cold setting.

Please do not tumble dry your cashmere or lambswool.

Your garment will look as good as new following the steps above. To remove any bobbles, you can use a wool shaver or a razor with no cream/balm, gently removing bobbles from the garment.

If you have any questions about caring for your H&H pieces, please get in touch and email us on or our contact us page.

Charlotte x




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