Our journey to sustainability continues with our newest collection, Oh So Cosy, by Highland & Herringbone.

A collection made from high quality cashmere yarn, the cosiest of all, Oh So Cosy consists of gorgeously soft wrist warmers and socks to warm up any outfit! 

In keeping with our values to manufacture our products in Great Britain, our cashmere collection is made on the Scottish border in Hawick. 

So, why cashmere?

I wanted to bring you a luxury collection of accessories, and cashmere was the perfect solution. Being even softer than lambswool, it is one of the softest natural fibres available. Coming from the undercoat of mountain goats, it is naturally warming and insulating to account for temperatures that can go well below freezing in their habitats. 

Cashmere is a long-term investment, perfect for a capsule wardrobe. I always say, quality over quantity when it comes to creating a sustainable, affordable wardrobe. Support slow fashion and buy into pieces that will last a lifetime, when cared for in the right way. When investing in our garments and accessories, it's important to remember that the lifetime of the garment will be much longer than those made from 'cheap' synthetic fibres so there will be no need to replenish your wardrobe often, being more affordable in the long run.

Similar to lambswool, cashmere is both naturally breathable and insulating, meaning your body temperature is more likely to remain regulated whilst staying warm as the cashmere acts as a barrier from the cold temperatures.

A topic that remains important to me as a business owner is sustainability. Cashmere wool is a renewable fibre, combed from the goats at the time they would naturally start to shed. We also reduce our negative environmental impact by manufacturing in the UK, going from wool to garment in as few miles as possible, also shipping the wool in full containers only, to minimise impact.

Let's take a look at the collection...

I know I'm not meant to have favourites, but these definitely are mine - the Cawdor Wristwarmers. Available in two beautiful colours - Latte and Blossom (with more on the way...) They are made from 100% cashmere and retail at just £28. Which colour will you be going for?

Who doesn't love a pair of soft, stylish socks?! Our Skye Socks are the second product to make up our Oh So Cosy collection. Available in Latte & Blossom to pair with our wristwarmers, they are made from 85% cashmere (Being socks, to keep their shape, they require 15% nylon to allow for stretch). The Skye Socks retail at £32 making the perfect gift for a loved one, or simply a treat for yourself.

NEW for SS24, we have introduced 'bundles'... you can get multiple products at a discounted price! Our Cosy Cashmere Bundle's contain a pair of socks & wristwarmers for just £50! Take a look at our bundles here.

I hope you love our new collection as much as I do! Let me know in the comments below what colours you would love to see next within our Oh So Cosy collection.

If you have any questions about Oh So Cosy, please get in touch on info@highlandandherringbone.co.uk or head to the contact us page.

Charlotte x


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